Generics in C++

Generics in Object

template <class T>
class Myclass{
    T a, b;
    Myclass(T first, T second)
  {a=first; b=second;}
    T getmax ();
template <class T>
T Myclass::getmax ()
  T retval;
  retval = a>b? a : b;
  return retval;

int main () {
  mypair  myobject (100, 75);
  cout << myobject.getmax();
  return 0;

Generics in Function

template <class SomeType>
SomeType sum (SomeType a, SomeType b)
  return a+b;

template <class T >
bool are_equal (T a, T b)
 return (a==b);

bool are_equal (T a, U b)
 return (a==b);

int main ()
  if (are_equal(10,10.0))
    cout << "x and y are equal\n";
    cout << "x and y are not equal\n";
  return 0;

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