Prayer Time Library

Prayer time library for calculate time

how to use

parameter latitude and longitude and timezone and Height for location

example jakarta
latitude = -6.21522
longitude = 106.818
timezone = +7
Height =100

delphi or lazarus :

TTime = record
 imsyak, shubuh, sunset, dzuhur, ashar, maghrib, isya: extended;

function calctime(latitude, longitude: extended; timezone, Height: integer;
 tanggal: TDate): TTime; stdcall; external 'STime.dll';

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
 calc: TTime;
 calc := calctime(-6.21522, 106.818, 7, 100, now);
 Memo1.Lines.Add('imsyak ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.imsyak));
 Memo1.Lines.Add('shubuh ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.shubuh));
 Memo1.Lines.Add('sunset ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.sunset));
 Memo1.Lines.Add('dzuhur ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.dzuhur));
 Memo1.Lines.Add('ashar ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.ashar));
 Memo1.Lines.Add('maghrib ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.maghrib));
 Memo1.Lines.Add('isya ' + FormatDateTime('hh:mm:ss', calc.isya));


reference Algorithm:
prayer time algorithm

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